This past weekend, I took a jaunt up to Pamplona to see the world-famous Running of the Bulls. First off, just to be very clear, I »


For my last full day in Barcelona, I took a grand tour of the best Gaudí had to offer. First, I headed over to the Catedral »

Barcelona (Part 4)

After viewing the castle on Montjuic, I visited some of the other tourist attractions on the hill, including the old Olympic facilities. Barcelona hosted the 1992 »

Barcelona (Part 3)

Some of my next tourism destinations included the Castle of Montjuic, a public park, and the Picasso Museum. So, let's start with the museum. I officially »

Barcelona (Part 2)

For my next venture into the city, I walked around the Barcelona marina, saw another cathedral, and walked along La Rambla. The waterfront area was gorgeous, »

Barcelona (Part 1)

For my first full day in Barcelona, I worked on some cool fluid dynamics and heat transfer models for volcanic magma chambers in lab and then »