Back Home

I am currently writing from the lovely United States of America! My last week in Europe was kind of crazy, with a couple of days in Milan and then Paris. I got to see some highlights of Italian art and architecture, in particular Da Vinci's Last Supper and the Duomo. Leave it to the Italians to put luxury watch advertisements on the scaffolding covering a cathedral.

Back in Paris, I day-tripped to Versailles and even got to see the fountains in action! Sadly, the fountains turned on just as it started downpouring, so all the visitors were trying to take shelter under the perfectly manicured trees as we got drenched. It was still neat to see the palace, since I have read so much about French history. I also re-visited the Lourve, seeing some Dutch paintings, Napoleon III's apartments, and the building foundations. Then, I went up to Sacre Court for a last view of Paris.

Now, I'm just glad to be back in the US and hang out with my family. Overall, it was a very interesting summer, full of great stories to share, and I hope you enjoyed them.