Prague is an absolutely gorgeous city--Emma and I have been joking that it almost feels like Disneyworld! Since it wasn't levelled in World War II, most of the original buildings are intact. And, unlike Budapest, the city has enough money to maintain them. On our first day, Emma and I went on a walking tour, which took us to the main sites, including Wenceslas Square, the Old Town Square, and the Astronomical Clock. We also saw the three synagogues, all of which survived Hitler's occupation of Czechoslovakia, and the Jewish cemetery, where residents of the ghetto were buried up to 12 deep.

The city center has a giant statue of Jan Hus, a priest who got burned at stake for opposing the selling of indulgences. The Czechs then developed a propensity for defenestrating anyone who tried to take away their religious freedom. This did not endear them to the Hapsburg emperors, and me to the bloody Thirty Year's War.

Our second day we toured Prague Castle, which is actually a collection of palaces and basilicas. We also visited a couple of local churches and saw the famed Bambino of Prague, a figure of the baby Jesus the supposedly saved the city from the plague.

Czech food is overall fantastic, with lots of goulash and very bread-like dumplings. They also drink a lot of beer, and apparently invented pilsner beer. Overall, Prague has been a fun city to hang out in for a few days. Up next: Milan!