I just finished up a nice couple of days in Budapest. Emma an I did a free walking tour that took us around th city castle district and looked at the hugely varying architectural style of the city. It spans the Neoclassical era, with buildings that have been restored and others that are black with soot, to really ugly Soviet concrete buildings. We did visit the gorgeous Saint Steven's Basilica, named for the first king of Hungary to convert to Christianity. The church even features the severed fist of the saint himself!

During the day, we visited the House of Terror, a museum in the building of the Hungarian KGB office during Hungary's time as a Soviet satellite. It was pretty depressing museum, but offered a really interesting take on life under communist rule.

The other fun parts of Budapest were eating and drinking. We went out for goulash every night, and tried a traditional food that is essentially fried dough smothered in cheese with sour cream and garlic sauce. At night, we tried Tokaji, extremely sweet Hungarian wine. We also went out to ruins pubs, which are former Soviet buildings that have been abandoned and are decorated with a crazy mix of furniture and random junk. The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic!

Sorry to the lack of pictures, but I only brought my kindle so I can't download my photos off my camera until I return. I'll keep posting though--and next stop, Berlin!