Final Days in Salamanca

My last week in Salamanca, I went to a couple of tourist attractions that I had not seen yet, including touring the Catherdrals and the old university building. My lab was closed in the afternoons, since everyone starts leaving for their August vacations in mid-July, so I had quite a bit of free time. First, I went to the old university buildings.
The facade is very famous, not only because it is intricately carved, but because it contains a frog that will bring you luck on exams if you can find it!
The old university building contained classrooms for many subjects, including some no longer commonly taught, such as Cannonical Law. Spain still has almost no separation between Church and state, and in the past the University students would elect a rector for themselves every year, to great festivities.
Also, because the university was a center for Catholic learning, the museum included some bones and teeth from alumni who had been beatified! Not even MIT can claim their alums have won that honor.

Next, I went to the Old and New Cathedrals. Like everything in Spain, these ages are relative, as the New Cathedral was begun in 1513.
However, there are literally two churches just jammed onto one another! I walked through a chapel, and instead of finding a sacristry or an alcove, you walk out into another equally sized cathedral.
The old cathedral also had a very impressive altarpiece, with 53 separate paintings. It is quite spectacular.
Overall, it was nice to visit my favorite restaraunts and places in Salamanca. Then, I said goodbye to Antonio, my research advisor, and jetted off to meet up with my friend, Emma, in Paris!