Salamanca (Part 2)

During the week, Colleen and I have been enjoying Salamanca. One of the local attractions is the Roman bridge, built around the first century AD. It's still functional as a footbridge, and offers a great view over the Tormes river.
We also watched fireworks over the river for the celebration of the patron saint of Salamanca, John of SahagĂșn. According to Wikipedia, he was a 15th century cleric who preached against various vices that were popular with the local nobility and tending to the poor. He joined the Hermits of St. Augustine after vowing to become a religious if he survived an operation for the removal of his kidney stone. Sadly, his opposition to the vices of adultery and fancy dress led to his villification by many. One legend of his death is that he was poisoned by the ex-mistress of a young nobleman who had found God and dumped her.

As you can tell, Salamanca is a REALLY old city. To put it in perspective, MIT recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. However, we aren't even close to the University of Salamanca:
Hard to believe I'm working at a university that's 800 years old!