The World Cup

Yesterday, Colleen and I headed out to the Plaza Mayor to eat ravioli and drink wine while watching the World Cup on tv.

The World Cup is typically a time when every country except the US goes bananas for football. Spain, in particular, was expected to do really well this summer because they won the whole shebang last time.

Except they didn't.

Last night, Spain lost their second game in a row, after being upset by Chile. So they have one more game in pools to hopefully redeem some national pride before they head home.

Meanwhile, the US has upset Ghana, so they're already doing better than Spain. To put this in perspective, last week the Onion had an article entitled "US Coach: America Will Not Win World Cup."

The only people in Spain who were pleased with that result are the Catalans. Catalunia is a historically secessionist region of Spain, and contains Barcelona. One of my friends, who is in Barcelona for the summer, posted on Facebook:

"That moment when the bar in Barcelona erupts in applause at the Chilean goal. #Catalans"

Well, at least someone in Spain is happy.