Yesterday, Colleen and I took a day trip to Segovia. The city is very old, and the old city and the gigantic Roman aqueduct are a World Heritage Site.
The aqueduct was an unbelievable piece of engineering, and it was truly astonishing in size. As Wikipedia informs me: "it consists of about 25,000 granite blocks held together without any mortar, and spans 818 meters with more than 170 arches, the highest being 29 meters high."
We also saw the Segovia Cathedral, a huge Gothic building. Sadly, I couldn't take pictures inside, but they had gorgeous chapels and lots of historic artifacts, including old priest's robes, the bones of saints, and a tabernacle-mobile that could be pulled like a cart.
Segovia also contains a beautiful castle, called Alcazár.
It had a lot of gorgeous rooms that were occupied by various royals, and had a lot of stained-glass windows.
We also climbed to the top of the castle and got a fantastic view of the countryside. The city is very densely populated, but once you get out to the countryside there are only a few isolated farmhouses.
Overall, it was a good day trip to an architecturally stunning city. The weather was perfect, and the local castle and cathedral were very impressive. But the trip was worth it just to see the Roman aqueduct!